Environmental sustainability and social equity are the cornerstones of our business. Just as we strive to improve our coffee quality through forward-thinking innovations, our sustainability initiatives serve as our guiding principles for evolving projects designed to create added value for all of our stakeholders. Integrating environmental, social, and economic sustainability into our work is a core principle of the Green Coffee Company. Our success is wholly dependent on the vitality of the land, the prosperity of our colleagues, and the quality of our coffee.

Regenerative Agriculture

With a farming operation of GCC’s scale, innovative agriculture practices are a necessity. Working with cutting edge practices on our farms, we integrate biodiversity and soil health to build a healthy and robust future for coffee production in Colombia. Our efforts to build regenerative practices in coffee farming are benchmarked by a third-party to verify the beneficial elements of our farming practices. 

Formal Employment

Our operations employ over 300 people in our communities on a formal, full-time basis. Far from the norm in Colombia, our team receives pension and health insurance benefits, and full-time, year-round employment. Investing in people is our top mission in building a sustainable coffee industry. 

Keeping our communities thriving and prosperous means a coffee value chain oriented to equity rather than extraction. 

A program for single mothers to manage our coffee tree nursery exemplifies our investment in programs for all members of our community. 


Watershed Management

Our state-of-the-art wet mills process coffee cherries into parchment by using some of the most advanced and precise equipment available, reducing water consumption in coffee production by 90%.

Active watershed areas for management of natural resources form part of our framework, eliminating pollution in our waterways. 


We set a high standard for our sustainability initiatives. Third-party verification ensures external accountability and that our commitment adheres to industry best-practices. Across our farms we hold Rainforest Alliance certifications that reflect our commitment to best practices. We actively pursue additional partnerships and programs that affirm our commitment to sustainability.

A member of our sales team will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding our certified coffees. Email us at [email protected]

Targeted U.N. Sustainable Development Goals