We are the future of coffee production, and that future is in Colombia.

Colombia's Largest Coffee Producer

The Green Coffee Company is Colombia’s premier coffee company. With over 3,000 hectares of farmland, we own and operate 39 farms and manage over 11.5 million coffee trees. Complete vertical integration and full ownership of the supply chain provides our clients with traceability, verified sustainability and quality control.


Initiatives at scale for formal employment, regenerative agriculture and watershed management are the core of our business. We have created over 300 permanent, full-time jobs in our communities. We have benchmarked our regenerative agriculture practices, are committed to stopping deforestation, and have dedicated forest reserves as part of our landholdings. 

Our Farms and Mills

Our farms are located in and around Salgar, a small town in southwestern Antioquia, 90 kilometers from Medellin. Recent months have seen expansion into nearby municipalities in Antioquia as well. The coffee we grow into two primary wet mills for depulping, sorting and drying.

Our Coffee

We meticulously control each level of production to deliver exceptional quality and consistency. The attention to detail helps us ensure that we provide our roasting partners a diverse portfolio of coffees while providing meaningful impact in our community.