Green Coffee Company

We are the future of coffee production, and that future is in Colombia.

About Us

The Green Coffee Company is a Colombian coffee producer with 2000 hectares (4700 acres) across 14 farms. Our team grows, processes, and exports all of its own production. This unique sales channel allows GCC to be a leader in offering large volumes of high-quality, traceable, and certified coffees. 


Just as we strive to improve our coffee quality through harvest strategies, our sustainability initiatives serve as our guiding lights for evolving projects meant to create added value for all of our stakeholders.

Our Farms and Mills

Our farms are located in Salgar, a small town in southwestern Antioquia, 90 kilometers from Medellin. The coffee we grow throughout the valley feeds then into two primary wet mills for depulping, sorting and drying.

Our farms
Our Coffee

We meticulously control each level of production to deliver exceptional quality and consistency. The attention to detail helps us ensure that we provide our roasting partners a diverse portfolio of coffees while providing meaningful impact in our community.