About Us

The Green Coffee Company (GCC) is the largest producer of coffee in Colombia –   with more than 3,000 hectares across 39 farms where we manage over 11.5 million coffee trees.  We have innovated with the most technologically-advanced wet mills in Latin America, where we process our coffee to precise quality specifications. Our team grows, processes, and exports all of its own production. Our vertically-integrated model is unique in Colombia, allowing GCC to be a leader in offering large volumes of high-quality, traceable, and certified estate coffees.

Key Team Members

Our team is composed of individuals with a diverse range of experiences across the coffee sector, agricultural management, and financial services.

Boris Wüllner Garces - President

  • Decades of experience in the Colombian agriculture space.
  • Strong working relationships with coffee distributors, government officials, and logistics providers.

Jordan Crosthwaite - Director of Global Sales

  • Experience in coffee procurement at specialty roasting and importing companies in Canada, the U.S., Norway, and Colombia.
  • Dedication to equitable and sustainable coffee

Carlos Villa - Chief Agronomist

  • Extensive background in research and management of production in Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala.
  • Consultant for CIAT.

Leonardo Sanchez - Chief Financial Officer

  • Full career working for multinational corporations across multiple industries.
  • Spearheaded Latin American development projects at Fox.

Juan Miguel Jaramillo - Chief Operations Officer

  • Strategic director of coffee companies with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Extensive background in coffee transformation, processing, logistics, storage and export operations.