Just as we strive to improve our coffee quality through forward-thinking innovations, our sustainability initiatives serve as our guiding principles for evolving projects designed to create added value for all of our stakeholders. Integrating environmental, social, and economic sustainability into our work is a core principle of the Green Coffee Company. Our success is wholly dependent on the vitality of the land, the prosperity of our colleagues, and the quality of our coffee.


We set a high standard for our sustainability initiatives. Third-party verification ensures external accountability and that our commitment adheres to industry best-practices.  Each of our 11 farms is C.A.F.E. Practices and Rainforest Alliance Certified. We are pursuing additional certifications that will affirm our commitment to sustainability.  

We are also a member of the World Coffee Research Checkoff Program. A member of our sales team will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding our certified coffees. Email us at [email protected].



Targeted U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Gender equality

Clean water

Decent work

Responsible consumption

climate action

Life on land

Key Company Initiatives

Reforestation and Watershed Protection

In 2020:

  • 19,000 non-coffee trees planted
  • 30% of our watershed areas are actively managed
  • 149 hectares designated as preserved forest
  • 300,000 coffee trees planted on converted pastureland

Innovative Farming and Processing Techniques

4 main areas of focus for our specialized agronomy team:

  • Detailed Data Analysis
  • Consistent Worker Training
  • Maximize biological applications to minimize agrochemical use
  • “Closed-loop” methodologies

Equal opportunity for women, inside & outside the company

We are an equal opportunity employer, with a number of women in leadership roles at the company.

  • Local Organization Supported: Madres de Cabeza de Hogar
  • Additional jobs created to date through our direct efforts: 20

Formal Employment for 100% of our workforce (in progress)

  • Pension Plans: GCC 50%; Sector Avg. 1%
  • Healthcare Coverage: GCC 50%; Sector Avg. 3%
  • Formal Banking: GCC 65%; Sector Avg. 41%

Hub and Spokes Model: Purchasing cherries from our neighbors at a premium

We serve as a point of sale for small farmers’ coffee cherries. We purchase their coffee at a premium, and will also provide technical and financial support.

  • Cherries Purchased since Inception:
  • 2018: 445,817 kg
  • 2019: 1,383,190 kg

Sustainable Development Goals Targeted

GCC’s farm management team assessed how our company’s specific initiatives parallel the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. The analysis revealed we are most closely aligned with the following 6 goals and their specific sub-goals.