GCC’s New Wet Mills are Opening Soon

Construction on GCC’s new wet mills are well underway, and upon completion in October and December, they will be the most sophisticated beneficios in Colombia.

The team is implementing a mixture of the best available technologies from Europe and Latin America, which includes, optical cherry sorting, waterless conveyor systems, fermentation control, and two stage drying. Each facility will have the capacity to process 30,000 kilograms of coffee cherries per hour, while reducing our water consumption by over 80%.

The construction teams have been working around the clock to complete La Esmeralda’s wet mill, which we will inaugurate on October 28th. Our other primary wet mill on finca Gualanday will be completed in December. 

The GCC is incredibly excited to initiate world-class, industry-shaping practices at its farms. There will be a significant amount of excess capacity at the new beneficios. Our team will not only process the company’s own coffee, but also increase third-party purchases of coffee cherries. Coffee cherry buying will expand our offering portfolio while supporting local coffee producers with above market rates. We look forward to building stronger relationships within our community, and ultimately enhancing Salgar’s local coffee industry through lasting impact.