GCC Recognized for “Best Technological Innovation”

Earlier this week, GCC’s President, Boris Wullner, met with the President of Colombia’s Congress and Colombia’s Minister of Agriculture in the capital city. He was there to receive the award for “Best Technological Innovation” in Colombia’s agricultural sector on behalf of the entire team. 

The award comes after years of hard work implementing a variety of technologies within the company’s operations in Colombia. The visionary plan aims to modernize coffee production through increased efficiencies while minimizing the environmental impact that is often overlooked on coffee farms.

Reduction in plastic waste, water pollution, and fertilizer runoff are just a few of the environmental issues our team is addressing, in addition to social equity issues that coffee producers have historically ignored.

Recognition from the Colombian government is a powerful testament to the GCC’s vision and the progress the company realized over the past years. The future of Colombian coffee is bright, and we are proud to lead the change towards a better future.