GCC Is Colombia’s Largest Coffee Producer

The Green Coffee Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of an additional 1,389 acres of coffee farmland. This purchase is GCC’s second acquisition during 2022 and solidifies the company’s position as Colombia’s new largest coffee producer. The acquisition brings GCC’s total landholdings to 6,372 acres, with a total coffee tree count of 7.2 million. 

The new farms are located in Salgar, Colombia, adjacent to the Green Coffee Company’s current farms. The acquisition is expected to increase our 2022 coffee production by approximately 50%, adding an expected 6.2 million lbs. of additional coffee cherry to our 2022 production. 

The additionall farmland will allow our operation to maximize the capacity of the company’s new wet mill, which is the largest and most advanced processing faciltiy in the country. A second wet mill will open on our Gualanday farm in Q4 of 2022 to further advance our processing capabilites.