About Us

The Green Coffee Company (GCC) is a Colombian coffee producer with 2000 hectares (4700 acres) across 14 farms. Our team grows, processes, and exports all of its own production. This unique sales channel allows GCC to be a leader in offering large volumes of high-quality, traceable, and certified Estate coffees. 

The Green Coffee Company

We foster relationships between farmers and roasters in order to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. Let us show you how our commitment to supply chain integrity makes for a better story in your cup.

The fabric of our team at the farms in Salgar is deeply entwined with the community, and we work to ensure that we are able to provide access to education, fair employment, and shared success with community members.
Key Team Members

Our team is composed of individuals with a diverse range of experiences across the coffee sector, agricultural management, and financial services.

Boris Wüllner Garces
Boris Wüllner Garces
GCC President
Boris Wüllner Garces - GCC President
  • Decades of experience in the Colombian agriculture space.
  • Strong working relationships with coffee distributors, government officials, and logistics providers.
Leonardo Sanchez
Leonardo Sanchez
Leonardo Sanchez - GCC CFO
  • Full career working for multinational corporations across multiple industries.
  • Spearheaded Latin American development projects at Fox.
Marino Restrepo
Marino Restrepo
GCC Chief Agronomist
Marino Restrepo - GCC Chief Agronomist
  • Agronomy Director for Starbucks in Colombia.
  • Managerial experience in multiple coffee businesses and cooperatives.
Jordan Crosthwaite
Jordan Crosthwaite
GCC Sales Director
Jordan Crosthwaite - GCC Sales Director
  • Experience in coffee procurement at specialty roasting and importing companies in Canada, the US, Norway, and Colombia
  • Dedication to equitable and sustainable coffee

Alec Lee
Alec Lee
GCC Sales
Alec Lee - GCC Sales
  • Works with production and QC teams to manage offers and exports.
  • Manages relationships with small specialty roasters through our specialty brand, Abira.